What is a Workspace?

A workspace is a tab within the main area of the albatross shell. It is your main working area. The image below shows a shell with two workspace.
Image1: Workspace

How to launch a workspace?

You can find them in the backstage area. Click on the File and you will find different vertical tabs that allows you launch workspaces from different modules.

Image 2: BackStage Workspace Launching Area

How to quickly switch between existing workspace tabs

After you click on a workspace tab, you can quickly change tabs using the mouse wheel. You can also jump to any tab using the quick access drop down on the right. See Image 3:
quick access drop down.png
Image 3: Quick Access Drop Down Menu

Can I rearrange workspace tabs?

Yes. You can reorder them by dragging them. If you right click on the ribbon area, you will also find a context menu that gives you tab sorting functionality as well as the ability to close all tabs and close all but the current tab.
ribbon context menu.png
Image 4: Ribbon Context Menu

Can I see two workspaces side by side? Can I create new Shell Windows?

Yes. You can create a new shell window by dragging a workspace tab out of the ribbon area. Now that you have two windows, you can arrange them side by side by mouse or press Window Key + Left for one window and Window Key + right for the other window.

I run the same workspace all the time. Can I auto start it when I start the Shell?

Yes, but only if the application developer supports this functionality. As shown on image 4, if you right click on the ribbon, you will find the option "AutoRun at Startup" on the context menu. Clicking on the item will cause the workspace to launch automatically when the shell is first started. You will also find the "Pin to Favorite" and "Save Bookmark" option. "Pin to Favorite" set a bookmark of the current workspace in the Favorite tab of the backstage. You can now access this workspace from the Favorite tab anytime. See Image 5. "Save Bookmark" will save a bookmark to your desktop or anywhere in your file system. You can then access the workspace by double clicking the bookmark file even when the shell is not running.

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